Germans count cost of propping up Greece

  • 3 July 2015
No campaign poster, Athens - 3 Jul 15
A No campaign poster in Athens shows German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble looking grumpy

It’s not often an olive tree takes pride of place on German breakfast television. And presenters don’t usually slip the odd Greek word into their script.

But – surrounded by Greek flags – they announced that this was Greek-themed breakfast television.

A gesture of solidarity, they added, with a country in crisis.

Ask most individuals here about Greece and they express sympathy for its people, but impatience and irritation with its government.

In fact 68% of Germans blame the government for escalating the crisis, according to a new poll.

The same research reveals that Germans are split over Greek membership of the eurozone – 45% think Greece should stay in, 45% think Greece should go. It’s a shift in perception. In February, 51% thought Greece should stay in.

More than one politician here has remarked that Greece will cost Germany more money anyway – either in support if it crashes out of the eurozone or in further help if it stays in.

The tabloid newspaper Bild on Friday morning called for a referendum of its own. ‘Should we support Greece with more billions – yes or no?’

It’s a question which Germans may yet have to answer.


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