WEF: Themes – Arts and Culture

31.05.10 Renovating the International System
07.05.10 New Models of Collaboration for Economic Development in Africa
06.05.10 Redesigning Africa’s Capital Markets
05.05.10 Africa Brainstorming: Turning Vision into Reality
30.01.10 The Art of Musical Improvisation
28.01.10 Design for Change
28.01.10 Redesigning the International Monetary System
28.01.10 Reading Leaders’ Minds
17.09.09 IdeasLab with Keio University: Digital Media and the Internet
12.09.09 Great Books for a Globalized World
10.09.09 Defining “Green” in Business
19.06.09 Setting Asia’s Green Growth Agenda
11.06.09 The Future of South Africa
10.06.09 Africa and the New Global Economy
17.05.09 The Story from Dubai
15.05.09 Unconventional Capitalism
15.04.09 Regional Economic Update 2009
15.04.09 Financing Growth and Development in Adverse Conditions
01.02.09 A Roadmap Out of the Economic Crisis
29.01.09 The Middle East: Owning Its Challenges
18.11.08 Unlocking the Economic Synergies in South Asia
18.11.08 Big Bets on Technology and Manufacturing
16.11.08 The Future of India’s Cyberculture
16.11.08 Ideas for Securing India’s Promise
03.11.08 Outlook for the Future
01.11.08 The Shape of Things to Come
01.11.08 Global Risks and the Region
05.06.08 A Watertight Future?
05.06.08 Africa Economic Brainstorming – Drivers of Change
20.05.08 Meet the Young Global Leaders
15.04.08 Addressing Economic Insecurity in Latin America
25.01.08 New Drivers of Development
25.01.08 My Idea, My Design, but Whose Property?
23.01.08 Welcome to the Annual Meeting
23.01.08 Update 2008: Assessing Global Risks
03.12.07 India@Risk: Six Global Challenges Ahead
02.12.07 Will Regional Politics Reshape the Indian Economy?
26.06.07 The Leadership Imperative for an Asian Century
15.06.07 Powering Africa
15.06.07 Join the Africa Conversation
20.05.07 Leading in a Multicultural World
18.05.07 Opening Address
27.01.07 Modern Russia: Strengths, Challenges and New Prospects – A Perspective from the Government
27.01.07 Religion: Source of Peace or Cause of Violence and War?
27.01.07 The Emerging Strength of Emerging Markets
27.01.07 Energy 2007: Advancing the US Energy Agenda
27.01.07 Strategies for a New Power Equation
24.01.07 Update 2007: Addressing Global Fault Lines
24.01.07 The Shifting Power Equation: Exploring the Implications
24.01.07 Opening Plenary: The Shifting Power Equation



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Banking System Analyst, former NTT data Global Marketing Dept Senior Analyst, Banking System Risk Specialist, HR Specialist
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